Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps

By: merzougadesertcamps | September 05, 2017

Morocco stands out as an idyllic gateway to Africa and a country of magnificent diversity. The country is blessed with epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping desert wonders and warm hospitality. When you’re planning to explore the desert adventures in Morocco, nothing can beat Erg Chebbi!

Erg Chebbi -

Stretching over 28 kilometers from north to south and reaching heights up to 160m, Erg Chebbi may be modest compared with the huge sand seas of Namibia, Libya, and Algeria, but it’s extraordinarily scenic offering an impressive taste of the Sahara’s grandeur. The rose gold dunes rise above a pancake-flat, black hammada, and glows striking hues of pink, purple and orange as the afternoon sun descends.


The Sand Dunes –

The highest sand dunes – located near or just south of Merzouga, aptly named as Grand Dune de Merzouga – a recognizable golden mountain. It’s the tallest dune around by the unique tamarisk tree at its base. The dunes look spectacular at any time of day, but early morning and late afternoon are the perfect time to see them and find relatively tranquil ridge-free footprints.

Experience the Erg Chebbi Desert Camp in Morocco –

Just imagine desert with golden sand dunes, the unique setting of the sun and a luxury tent featured with modern amenities to enjoy. If that’s how you picture a perfect luxurious vacation, you should head straight to the desert camp in Erg Chebbi for an exceptional camping experience. Brimming with luxury and opulence, they can give you an incredible opportunity to experience a Moroccan lifestyle.


If you dream about Morocco adventure, a desert camping is a must. Upon booking a desert camp in Morocco, you will get a chance to indulge in authentic desert adventure and in the middle of nowhere; you will have a perfect world of luxury.

When it comes to choosing a desert camp, you should remember that ErgChebbi is packed with numerous private luxurious tents with beautiful decoration, enchanting traditional light, Berber music, starry sky, shower and toilet facility and much more. There are billions of reasons to extend your stay in a luxury desert camp in Erg Chebbi dunes.


How Do You Book Desert Camping Holiday in Morocco –

Merzouga Desert Camps specialize in providing camping accommodation options for a limited group of travelers. We provide six striking white colored tents equipped with stunning decor both on exterior and interior. Our Morocco desert camp has carpeting on floor, full single or double beds, mirrors handcrafted by Moroccan artists, bed side tables, and simple seating area with coffee table. Each and every tent has its own en-suite bathroom with flush toilet, sink and shower with cold and hot water. Our desert camps are designed in such a way that they will offer a comfortable experience throughout your stay at Erg Chebbi, Morocco.

For a completely Moroccan experience during holiday or an inquiry about your camping options at Erg Chebbi dunes, you should book desert camp in Erg Chebbi with Merzouga Desert camps at +212 662-344816 or +212 666-367122.

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Merzouga Luxury Desert Camps
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